A tram stop featuring music generated by living plants.

Listen to the music of plants

A study shows that urban people are so disconnected from nature that they lose interest in protecting it. E.ON (Hungary's biggest green energy company) decided to bring nature closer to urban people and remind them of the importance of sustainability.

That's why we created 'GreenTunes by E.ON' - the tram stop featuring music generated by living plants.

We used a special device (called Music of the Plants) that can translate plants' biological processes into audio, giving them the chance to play music.

We played a continuous stream of plant music where urban people least expected: at busy spots of Budapest that are heavily exposed to noise and air pollution. We rigged up the installations with living plants like ivy, heather, and forest moss to provide urban people not only a hear, but a see-touch-feel experience.

By changing the vibration of the noisiest area they know to something truly natural, we encouraged Budapestians to listen to Nature's call again.